Hey guys,

The LGBTQ community is having a collective realization and it involves you.

My daughter and I were driving in the car when the Dixie Chick’s song Gaslighter came on. She asked what it meant and I explained that gaslighting is what happens when someone hurts you, but when you call them on it, they refuse to apologize.

Paul Bulai on Unsplash

Instead, they say things like “You’re being really sensitive!” or “You took it that way, that’s not my fault. I wasn’t intending to be hurtful.” Or the BEST is “I never said that. I think you’re imagining that.”

Overall, gaslighting creates a sense of confusion, of not being able to trust your gut or the validity of what people say and mean. If you notice your LGBTQ co-workers, family, and friends, looking at you a little strangely, there’s a reason.

We’re having a collective moment of realizing that while 80% of our nation says they support us, 50+% voted the opposite of that. Their words and their actions are not adding up.

So we’re questioning everyone around us. “Was it you? Are you the one that threw me under the bus? Maybe it was you. It was half my country so it HAS to be at least some of you.”

We’re questioning everyone around us because the hypocrisy has proven out. We’re being gaslit and we’re trying to find out by whom.

If you don’t want them to question you or what you stand for, you have to make it really obvious, my friends. Because it’s starting to feel like we don’t know who our friends are.

Much love,

Elena Joy, Executive Director

Pride and Joy Foundation

Nonprofit founder. Public speaker. Lesbian. Mom of 4. ExMormon. Flyfisher. http://www.AllyQuiz.com

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